Sneak peak of what I’m working on!

Yeah I know, the top image probably sucks, feel free to suggest stuff! has become my favourite tool lately. It has the right amount of “I can do what I want very fast”, with “I can customise it the way I want without being a nuclear fission phD.

But I am walking away from the subject…

Yesterday I started compiling information for the first post of the mighty Lobster, but during the research I was doing, I realised that most of the available GDD templates (Game Design Documentation) that are online simply ignore the hyper casual genre (and many other genres as well but…).

So, then I said to myself, “lately you seem to love notion more and more everyday, there are not gdd templates there whatsoever, so…” here we are!

I am hoping that the first version will be public by the end of this week.





Lobster talking all things products, games, productivity.

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Product Lobster

Product Lobster

Lobster talking all things products, games, productivity.

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